Join me For Wonder Wednesday

Wonder Wednesday


Wonder Wednesday doesn’t mean we sit around talk about Wonder Bread. Today, I want to hear from you. What are you thankful to God for? What are you wondering about? What gives you awe and wonder about Him who made you?

So here is the idea. Pick out one or more of the questions below, and comment back to me in Facebook or on this post with your answer. Or ask your own “wonder” question and answer it here. The goal is for us to see His Wonder, His Awesomeness and His Detailed Deliverance. So here goes.

  1. How many times does God bless YOU in one day? Don’t guess, actually try and count the ones you know about. Then when you’ve run out of blessings ask God to show you every time you didn’t know about. Use yesterday.
  2.  What will be your favorite thing about when Jesus Christ returns? Food, fellowship, flying etc?
  3. When you get quiet, ask God what He likes the most about you. What did you come up with?
  4. What is the easiest way to tell you’ve grown/matured in Christ in the past day, week or year?
  5. What year did you get born again? (Believe Romans 10-9-10 for the first time?)
  6. Have you ever known that God told you something and you did it and reaped huge results from just following directions? What happened? When?
  7. Have you ever helped lead someone else into being born again? What was that like for you?
  8. When was the first time the Word of God was opened to you and you REALLY received it? What was the verse? When did that happen?
  9. Have you ever had someone on your mind to pray for, then called them and been totally blown at what was going on in their life? What happened?
  10. Have you ever had someone call you just when you were feeling desperate and make your day? What happened?

Those are the ten questions I came up with. Join me and share this with your Christian friends. It would make a fun exercise for any group or Bible Study gathering too.

I want to hear from you. See the comments below for the format of how I answered the question.

One thought on “Join me For Wonder Wednesday”

  1. Hi Everyone! Here’s how I’d answer the questions. Use the reference number if you are using one of mine like this…#2 I can’t wait to fly. I think what I’ll love the most though is that everyone will have a renewed mind. # 4 The easiest way I can tell I’ve matured is by the freak out factor. My freaking out over stupid things has gone down some. Eventually I’d like to never freak out again. HA! #5 I was born again in 1981. I was five and my mom helped me believe Romans 10:9-10. #6 Yes, I reaped big results by saying yes to my first date with my current husband Bill. I’m still reaping them. 🙂 See how fun this is!

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