I’d Like To Invite You To Join Me

I’d like to invite you to join me at my new blog site called Supporting Godly Business Women. You may know my husband and I are running a new Real Estate Business on top of the other businesses we own. I’ve had it on my mind for about a year to launch a site dealing mainly with women’s business needs. Today was the day to begin. YAY!! This includes all women, from the home business/mom to the working woman, to the woman running an onsite franchise. All of the posts will hover around subjects of women in business. I will share ideas on how to balance home and business lives, time management and ideas about promoting your business and much more. You might even see a post or two regarding Real Estate specifics and business people management. If you’ve read Supporting Godly Women posts than you won’t be surprised that I will handle all these areas in light of the Word of God.


We will continue the in-depth teaching and biblical research here as well, but it may be less times per week. You may have a little homework too. The format here is very rewarding for the beginning and advanced Bible student, so I’d like to incorporate a little more “class time.” We’ll see how it all plays out and, in the mean time, stay flexible to God. Don’t worry, Supporting Godly Women isn’t going anywhere but join me at Supporting Godly Business Women and see more how-to’s, and business related subjects. Don’t forget to share my new site with your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends. I’d also like to advertise women who have businesses on that site so keep checking back for applications, updates and more. I look forward to seeing you there!

God Bless You Today!

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