Some Happy, Thoughtful and Tantalizing Friday Thoughts

Be your best, give.


Time is our opportunity to prove our love, for God and for others, but how we diligently sow it when no one cares, proves our character to ourselves.

Time is free to those who do nothing with it. 

Time is expensive to those who cherish it. 

Time is priceless to those who’ve lost it and want to make up for it.


Character is something seen without a presentation, told without a microphone and proven after you’ve left the room.

Two men were walking on their way to live a life of ease and luxury, a glittering city awaiting them. They came upon a fork in the road. One road was a crooked winding path and one a main well-trodden road. One of the men took the road less traveled. He soon found a gaping crevice too far to jump over, so he built a bridge. Then he was stopped at a sheer wall of rocks, so he a erected a ladder. At the top, a blizzard blew. He dug a shelter. Raging rivers stalled him, so he built a raft. He found hot coals so he went back to leave his shoes. He saw a dying man so he stopped, fed and nursed him. Finally, he found the glittering city filled with many who’d traveled the main road. He stood in awe of the luxury and ease. His destination awaited him. But then he paused. The path had changed him. It had given a new respect for life. He slowly, but then quickly turned back. Life had already become his destination, so he kept living it to the fullest.

Standing out in a crowd isn’t that hard, just believe in something.

We have got to keep looking at God, and quit looking at the problem.

God looks at us through the eyes of His son, who redeemed us.

A millionaire acts like a millionaire because he believes what his bankers and accountants tell him and the reports say. We have the written report of the Word of God. We need to claim them and the promises He’s given.

You’ll never become convinced that the Word of God works, until you work it yourself. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32
When you recognize an opportunity from the front, you never need to see from behind in your rear view mirror.

You can’t bless anyone, until you are blessed.

Ignorance is never a virtue.

Serving God is like serving yourself up the most delicious dessert ever and then finding out its calorie free and good for you.


I know no one who is effective and effectual at operating the nine manifestations who does not speak in tongues much. It just grows you up big and strong like nothing in the world.

It’s the world that caused the confusion in the first place, so why go back to it for answers? Get your head in God’s Word.

Life lessons come when you’re not expecting them, cause profound changes when you didn’t know you needed them, and leave you wondering who you ever were without them. 

God makes fellowshipping with a like-minded believer, the best company you could ever keep.

Peace is not a lack of busy-ness. It’s the lack of emotional upheaval.

The only difference between an negative person and positive person is, the positive person has already joined the millions of other people not waiting around for someone’s approval.

I just thought I’d share some of my random thoughts with you.

Hope you liked it.

God Bless You Today!

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