Help Us Celebrate Our 700th Post!

I can’t think of anything I’ve consciously done 700 times in my whole life. I know of plenty of unconscious things that I have done at least 700 times. Like writing checks, buying groceries, or feeding my family. But to purposefully write 700 times in a blog dedicated to God’s Word and His light and love…I’m over the moon, excited.

birthday cake

So what can we think of that matches 700 times?  

I looked up a few words in the Bible to see how they match up. Look at what I came up with.

The name “God”occurs 4447 times in 3,878 verses in the KJV.

The word “Love” occurs 310 in 280 verses.

“Jesus Christ” occurs in 256 verses in the KJV.

The name “Jesus” by itself occurs 973 times in 942 verses.

“Forgiven” occurs 42 times in 38 verses.

“Holy Spirit” and “Holy Ghost” are difficult because there are so many variations to how the KJV translated them. Sometimes it appears as “the holy Spirit” with the article “the” added by translators when it was not in the original text and the “S’ or the “H” capitalized when none are capitalized in the Greek texts. So for simplicity I’ll count the greek word “pneuma” which means spirit. This will not always mean Holy Spirit as God, the giver of all life. “Pneuma” is listed 385 times in the Stephens text where the King James Version was translated from. “Hagion” is the Greek word for Holy, together, “Pneuma Hagion”, is translated “Holy Spirit’, 4 times, “Holy Ghost” 89 times. There are many nuances of the meanings of the words and the context provides us answers to the questions. But for our list here I think we have accomplished something wonderful.

“Power of God” as a phrase appears in 47 verses starting in Matthew.

“Church of God” occurs 20 times in the starting in Acts through Revelations.

“Fear Not” occurs 144 times.

“Faith” occurs 247 times in 231 verses.

Believe” including the derivative “Believing” occurs 151 times.

What does all this tell us? That I have a long way to go!


Just as a side point, the Bible has not to my knowledge ever been on the New York Time’s best seller list for several reasons. First and foremost it would be hard to count ALL the sales, giveaways, and recopying attempts. If they could count it including all its versions from all its many publishers, to all the different countries in all the different languages it would range up in the tens of billions. Which would be the all time highest selling book ever written. Not that we care…


Our question is, is it truth? Is it in fact the will of God? Was He the Author and were the men who wrote it the writers? Without a doubt if proves in itself over and over that is the one source of God’s will and truth. But here’s the catch. It was written to help, guide, and teach those who long to believe it. It was written for believers! There is only one single verse that guides the natural man, unbeliever into salvation. Romans 10:9. How can one simple verse open the door for the billions upon billions of people who have found peace, comfort and rest in its pages? What a miracle! Just in those statistics alone, a natural man should never find the verse, nor become a born-again believer at all. But it happens all the time because that’s just how big of a deal God’s Word is.

“That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” John 3:6

Yep, God did that.

And yep, you my dear are part of it.

Rejoice, embrace, believe and praise God because Baby you are on a winning team and nothing can change it.

God Bless You Today!

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