Further, Faster, Easier

About 12 months ago,



my husband and I watched a teaching on TV about going Further Faster. The minister, Joel Osteen, recalled several instances where people didn’t think it was possible, but God had a way, and it was a shortcut. He talked about the church building they bought. Originally, they thought they would be paying on it for the next thirty years or some crazy number. He would have to pass on the debt to his children because he would be a hundred and ten before it was paid off. Seven years into the thirty year mortgage, God paid it all off.

Joel also recalled another missionary couple in Africa, who were working with the young people and had a dream to build a basketball gym and youth center for them. They were struggling to eat most weeks and the gym would cost millions of dollars. Still they believed God. One day they were in a hotel nearby doing some ministry work and a gentleman from Germany came up and asked him if he owned the hotel. He replied that he would love to own the hotel because then he could start work for the youth center. When the gentleman heard that he wanted to see all that the couple was doing for the impoverished and homeless youth. After taking a tour of their mission field, the German man said, okay, I’ll buy the hotel for you. They suddenly had a huge amount of money dropped into their hands so they could buy the hotel and turn it into a youth center. WOW! HUH!

Gives me goosebumps.

Well, as we listened to this moving talk, our hearts stirred within us. We knew the message was for us too. So we began to believe for further faster in our lives. Whatever came up we’d remind each other that God is a big God and He can do things for us if we believe. We claimed for our year to be the year of further faster. Things started to change, but we kept thinking it was bad news. Bill is an instructor for the Montana Board of Realty Regulation. Suddenly, they were proposing new rules. Now they wanted educators to have at least ten years of experience, Bill only has seven. They also required you to be a broker as an educator. Bill had long thought about getting his brokers license but now, it seemed he had to, if he wanted to continue doing what he loved. So there started our journey, unbeknownst to us. God had a bigger plan. Bill took the online course last fall and tested for his Broker’s license. He was committed and nothing would stop him. The day he received the license he sent it off so he could become a supervising broker.

By, I think, January  he had everything we needed to become a self-sustained brokerage. We were suddenly looking in a new direction. The real estate company he was with, carefully parceled out leads, and work so that he never could have to many listings or sales. We started dreaming of owning a franchise of our own. We thought perhaps this summer or fall of 2014 we’d be ready to launch into our own space. We didn’t know exactly what that looked like though, we had some ideas. Then his Broker fired him. Yep. He had been so excited about getting his brokers license that he told her about owning our own franchise and she fired him in January. THat could have devastated us. Instead it launched us forward. FAST forward. We wanted to own our own franchise and the perfect opportunity came our way. EXIT Realty.

Today is May 19th. In February, we bought the franchise, found a space and March 17th, after painting and remodeled it, opened our doors for business. May 8th was our ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony. The Mayor of our city even stopped by. As far as business is concerned we are busier with new business deals and referrals than we know what to do with. It’s a blast to go to work! Why am I telling you all this? Because I needed to take a moment and reflect. It reminds me of this verse.

“The Lord God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places…” Habakkuk 3:19a

God is looking out for what’s best for us in our lives. We just ahve to believe that.

Now Bill and I are looking forward to a new believing year. Further, faster, EASIER. God just knows stuff. He knows the shortcuts and the balances we should have in our lives. We also know that if it’s this good now, just wait five years! Our lives have already bounded outside the stratosphere in the first 5 months of this year. So wow! What could He do in the next five months, much less 5 years!

I hope this story encourages you to keep believing everyday for God’s highest and best in your life.

God bless you today!

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