Buying In Versus Selling Out

Success takes commitment. We all know that. But how is it that some people seem to rocket ship to the moon with success and others, just coast along hoping for more?


There is a difference between buying into a success strategy and selling out to an idea.

Let me explain.

When you “Buy In”, you put a part of your income down and or time/energy down on say an investment. You believe things will go well for that investment, but you stay flexible to other opportunities and better opportunities. You know that putting all your money into that one thing could endanger your reserves. This “buy in” strategy is what wealthy people do. They stay alert and updated on all the latest things, reserving some of their income and energy for them, but their bread and butter comes from the variety of things they have already bought into that have had a chance to mature and develop. When something is growing strong, they buy in a little more, but still reserve and stay alert to changes. This person is fascinating to talk to because all these varied interests have led them to all kinds of places, people and situations. They can easily mentor, and counsel, because they have “Been There, Done That.” But they love seeing people catch on so they teach, love and help anyone interested in improving their life.

How is this making a commitment to success you might ask?

The Wholeness of Success is what they are committed to, not just one single idea.

On the other hand, many people sell out to a single idea. They look for their one ticket to success. Coincidentally, they take one thing and ride it till it’s bleeding and dead. They sell out by allowing their personalities to change, their interests, the motives and their own belief systems. They lose their identity and independence to it. We’ve all seen these people. They find a snake oil that cures worts and suddenly they turn into someone who is melodramatic and frankly a little annoying. You can’t talk to them about anything else or they get offended. If they do find some surprising success, they then gloat, become prideful and are impossible to be around because now they were right and you were wrong. Then comes the brow beatings, the guilt trips and the manipulation.

OKAY, sheesh Terri, what does this have to do with God’s Word?

People get this way about God and His Word too.

The Word is an incredible, fantastic, extraordinary revelation given from a spiritual, legendary and awe-inspiring God. It is bigger than any one idea, or one human being could ever in a million years grasp the whole of and yet, we have it in our little hands. It is here to inspire us, to strengthen us, to teach us and to humble us. But there is the temptation to grab ahold of one topic, one concept, one idea and ride it till we’re blue in the face.

I knew of a man who learned about healing and what was available with the gifts of healing. He was so fired up he manifested the gift of healing on someone. Well, before he ever asked God what was next, he ran off and started a healing ministry. Unfortunately, he only received patchy results in his ministry because there was more to the learning. He committed himself to it and dug in, but he became a laughing-stock of Christianity. That made him angry and a because he had to prove himself he started faking the results. You can guess where things went from here. He sold out on one idea, when God wanted to show him more and give him the WHOLE picture. Is any of this from God? Sure the healing originally was from God. But there are nine manifestations. The manifestations work together to cause a TOTAL deliverance. For instance, not all miracles are healings, but all healings are miracles.

God is in this for your WHOLENESS. He wants the whole you because He created the whole plan. And He doesn’t just look at one area of your life. He looks at your whole life before deciding where to bless you. That’s how He planned salvation too. Here, I’ll show you what I mean.

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Romans 10:9

 The phrase “thou shalt be saved”  is the one Greek word, sōzō. Sōzō is an extraordinary word that means the whole way you think, the whole of you, and the whole entire existence from here on into eternity. God, in an act of creation, puts His spirit in you. It melds, marks and merges into every fiber, hair and cell of your body and soul. It is a transformation in the most remarkable way. I don’t understand the wholeness of salvation, but I know it’s big. So big, God’s only begotten son had to die to pay for it. If God is interested in that much wholeness, don’t you think He wants your growth to be well-rounded and whole as well? He wants you to buy in to each area but reserve some of your energy for other things too. Because there will be more learning. There always is.

When you go to college, even if you are majoring in one area, don’t you still need to pass your general education credits first? Well, God has a curriculum for your whole success as well. We have to remain flexible to His direction and resist the temptation to follow a tangent. That’s why this blog covers so many different areas. I post what is in MY whole curriculum and learning for the day.

Here’s the moral, God saved you, and loves you just the way you are. He loves and is committed to the whole YOU. Buy in to that and you will truly be a success in anything you do.

God bless you today!


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