Some Practical Thoughts

“One must be as willing to unlearn, as learn.”

Moms Special Ops-001

“Why continue to go to the world for answers when it’s the world that confused you in the first place.”

“To be able to change without being disturbed in your mind is an art you can learn. “

“Anything in the material world that keeps you from being your best for God–dump it!”

“Looking back gives you a stiff neck.”

“You forget the past by continuing to build your life on the Word, not on past experiences.”

“Get your mind off your experiences and into the Word.”

“Never be satisfied with where you are–keep growing. “

“Don’t become fossilized in systems.”

“Growing is a continuous tackling of the unknown.”

“Never allow yourself to be grooved in the ruts of life.”

“Keep fluid–keep variety in your life.”

“You never can dream too much or believe to big.”

Stay as excited about God’s Word as when you first believed.

“People will run your life for you unless you have the confidence to make decisions according to the Word.”

“Do what God tells you to do and not what people think you should do.”

“Word has dignity in itself. Once of the best things you can do for your kids is to teach them the joy of work.”

“If you ask God first, you don’t need to spin your wheels.”

“I do one thing at a time: I may have dozens of things happening at once, but I do them one at a time. That’s how I get things done.”

“If you don’t have anything good to say about someone, shut up. It’s so easy to criticize, but we need to stand, fight, and believe for one another, not against each other.”

“Temper gets you into trouble. Pride keeps you there.”

“The time to correct error is at its first occurrence and as quickly as possible.”

“Never evaluate you life in light of others’ mistakes or accomplishments.”

“Don’t give up on God—He never gives up on you.”

These are taken from a very old out of print book called “Life Lines” Quotations of Victor Paul Wierwille. And they are some pretty good ones I think.


God Bless You today

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