Leadership, The Uncommon Way

I think we can all say we’ve had experience with leaders. I met a young man recently who demonstrated a propensity for mentoring young people. He wants to inspire them and impact them positively with a humility I found rare and refreshing. The greatest part about it was, he couldn’t put into words all passion he felt. He just knew he wanted to help people, in his words, “just Be 1% better today than yesterday.” Those simple words drove this six foot stranger to leadership and he has  become 1%percent better himself everyday as an example to those in his sphere. What if we all just tried for 1% everyday.

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I heard a simple statement the other day.

“Be the person, you want to be.”

The key to that statement is the very active verb “Be”. A huge part of being that person, is learning who you want to be. Hold that vision in your head and do the actions that require that person to become a reality. All that “being” starts with our thoughts, but nothing moves without you first taking action.

What does that mean to a Christian? Many believers get caught in the snare of, trying to fit the image they see at church, into their life’s goals. They think that the pastor, the choir director the leader at church is who they want to be. Teenagers often idolize people in this way. We all know how confusing that can be. So what does God really want for our lives and leadership?

I am starting a new series posts called,

“Leadership Rocks”.

This series of posts will go through leadership from three different view points.

  1. Leadership The Inside Story.
    • There are five areas of life, once these areas are addressed with God and you personally, many things fall into place.
  2. Leadership for the People
    • Other people are what makes you a leader. If you look back and no one’s following, not even your own self, then leadership suffers from what I call positional authority, and not true leadership.
  3. Leadership for God.
    1. Every part of this series will cover how God forms you as a leader and helps you be a better leader, but there are also “gift ministries” within the Church of God. God calls these five gift ministries “gifts”, because they are gifts to the body of believers. I will cover specific areas in this part that help a leader with a gift ministry calling to be there best and expand their walk with God to new heights.

Our next post will cover the first part of the series, “Why leaders can’t fake it till they make it.”

Until then, God bless you today.

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