What Came First, the Chicken McNuggets or the Egg McMuffin?

Can we laugh at life for a minute?

I want to know if you have ever done one of the following…

The Happy Meal Came first!

Have you ever….
Bumped into a wall mid-stride because you were drinking coffee and walking at the same time? (Did that early this morning. Coffee, precious coffee lost)

Have you ever…
(Beware of the Ewww-factor here) Changed a poopy diaper and accidentally gotten it on your finger then laughed with your baby about it. (Did this yesterday, yuck I can’t believe I’m admitting that one.)

Have you ever…
Watered the lawn for a 15 minutes while watching for the earth worms to come up, so you can capture their large squirming bodies to show your two-year old son how to be a “real” boy– only to quickly rescue them from being drowned in the 2 inch deep wading pool nearby? 🙂 (Oh yeah, yesterday evening!)

Have you ever…
Slammed your hair in the car door and then tried to get the door open without losing a clump of it or your sanity? (Ugh… don’t ask.)

Have you ever…
Seen a small toy on the floor, that you’ve been stepping on for 3-days, lying precariously in front of the vacuum, and not hesitated for a second in sucking it up? (Opps sorry honey, it wasn’t a toy)

Have you ever…
Ordered a meal for your picky toddler then ended up eating it on top of your own meal because he didn’t eat it, nor was he going to eat it? (Okay, I was in the mood to eat a happy meal too, but couldn’t order one for myself…what? It’d look bad right?)

Have you ever…
Bought an outfit to look like the girl you saw wearing it in the store, then –after huffing and puffing to get into it– realized that on your body it looks like a the Staypuff Marshmallow Man with a wedgie? (Hmmm…no comment)

Then welcome to motherhood, womanhood and life on this planet. Hope you laughed too! Have a blessed day!

9 thoughts on “What Came First, the Chicken McNuggets or the Egg McMuffin?”

  1. I always feel like the Michelin Man when I try to get those outfits to fit!!! You are too funny girl and the funniest part is–I can see you doing every one of these!! Have a great day!!

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