I Don’t Know–Maybe It’s Not That Hard After-all

Life is a busy, crazy, gooey mess and how are we supposed to keep our priorities straight?


When God put us on this planet, it was well thought through. Adam and Eve had their dominion and jobs. Everything was in it’s place and all was well and good. Then, evil entered the scene. Lucifer, otherwise known as the fallen angel of Light, approached humanity with a sly debate. One, that over time, (none of us know how much time) made Eve’s freewill weaken and break. Then he, the devil, tricked her and Adam out of the calm they lived in. God knew this would  happen. He knew they would get tricked from before the beginning of time, but He created them anyway. Why? Why? When He knew all the crap that would follow? Here we are now thousands of years later trying to explain to our children that most of what they see on television, read in books and hear in songs isn’t true. The devil infiltrated every sector, culture, thought and ideal of mankind to publish his own agenda. Temptations, sin, anger, constant barrages of wrong doctrine hit us every single day. HOW DO WE SORT THROUGH IT ALL? How do we discern truth from error?

If we’re lucky we know some bull-headed person who just will not quit reading and studying the Word of God. IF we are even more lucky, we do it for ourselves.

“But Terri, I read the Bible, and I don’t understand it much less enjoy reading it.”

I would be rich if I had a penny for everyone who’s said that to my face. My question is…Why? What is it about studying that makes studying so hard?

Let’s go to the one verse I know about “study”.


2 Timothy 2:15- KJV

“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.”

If you break this down and add a sprinkle of the literal Greek meanings, it’s an amazing sentiment straight from the mouth of God.

“Study” is the Greek word spoudazō. Funny word eh

It means to endeavor, labor, and give it a try.

REALLY??? I can’t believe that! All I have to do is TRY??? Try by opening the book. MAybE even add a reference book or website to my study. He’s asking me just to show up and open the Book. LOL!! How many of us talk ourselves out of even doing that. Showing up is the hardest part of any work-out regimen. God must have known that too. What if I just tried a little more? What if I just made a commitment to be here, at my computer every day and just threw up with my words all over this blog post? What if? Could God direct me from there?

Let’s move on. (For you who may have noticed this is my first blog post in over a week…this post is a self-needed, self-medicating blog. I do this for me. I’m blessed that you read it…really I am. That you can make some semblance of sense of this girl’s jumbled prating is kind of a miracle in itself. God love you for it. Lol)

Okay, so now I know study means try, or endeavor, show up to work. What does, “to show thyself approved unto God” mean?

  • “to show” in Greek is: paristēmi which means: to come, be near, intimate placement of oneself in the proximity of, to present, to set at hand, to provide.
  • “thyself” in Grk is: seautou is a pronoun which means: yourself, your own.
  • “approved” in Grk is: dokimos, which is the word for tried, prove, or proof of, acceptable, pleasing.
  • “of God” in Greek is: theos which means the one true God.
  • “a workman” in Greek is: ergatēs which means, one who does the work. A worker for hire. A laborer.
  • “that needeth not to be ashamed” is one Greek word: anepaischyntos, which means: having no cause to be ashamed.
  • “rightly dividing” is Grk, orthotomeō: meaning to cut straight, correctly dissect, straight paths.
  • “the Word” is the Greek word logos, meaning the written Word of God.
  • “of truth” is the Greek word alētheia, meaning the truth as God is truth. True, truly.

When you correctly dissect this verse into pieces you see it’s greater meaning. All of the literal Greek meanings break down the heart of “Study” as a topic.

Here’s my uneducated stab at a literal translation of the whole verse 2 Tim. 2:15.

   Open your Bible and look at the Word. Read it, ask questions,  and most of all try. Show up with an effort in mind and put yourself in the proximity of the Word to prove to yourself and to God that you actually care. (We only put our time, energy and money into what we CARE about) Show up for yourself, but also show up for God, not your pastor, not your friends, not your parents, or children. Studying God’s Word is between you and God. Roll up your sleeves and dive in like a woman with a house to clean. Work diligently because honest labor is nothing to be ashamed of and always reaps good fruit. Cut through the Word and dig until you know you are at the most honest understanding of it, dissect the fat away (There is fat found in the many translations and versions as spin offs from the originals,) and digest that which is Truth and pure and honestly God.

You and I know it takes a commitment. But what if you just took one verse at a time? Heck,  what if you took one word out of a verse? You will never regret the time you put in. You will never regret the labor and the investment. It is a principle. You reap what you sow. Sow God’s Word into your life and watch how much blessing and abundance you’ll reap.

God bless you today!!

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