Does Your Personality Change How You See God?



I promised a long time ago to learn and teach all I could from a Biblical perspective on life and how it relates today. We are body, soul and  spirit. God doesn’t categorize humans like humans do. To Him we  are either believers and unbelievers. Jew, Gentile or Church of God. We know this from the Word. But is there a way to understand ourselves in order to better serve God?

Our soul is our breath-life. We gain a soul the minute we take our first breath. Our “soul” is our likes, our dislikes and our personality. Our soul is what makes us unique and yet measurably human. These include our quirks such as organizing our dresser drawers, or not. Or how we clean house, drive our car, our choices of fashion, our hesitation to stand out in a crowd and our reaction to authority. Our soul is who we are. In some amazing learning this last year, I discovered that our soul plays a huge role in how we process sin, the Bible, God and much much more. Our soul and especially the personality determines the how of what we need from God and from others. Learning these things has changed how I address others. It has helped me manage stress and take into account how others handle it.

Someone told me once that self discovery is the key to joy. That is… not true, but it sure sounds good coming from a stage. Yes, joy is an inside job. But Joy is a spiritual fruit, not just a fleeting emotion. Happiness on the other hand is something more controllable. Happiness comes when one is satisfied with circumstances and situations in their life. Happy life, makes for a happy self. Self-discovery can make us happier. But let’s not confuse Joy with happiness. Joy is that bubbling up feeling that comes from deep down within us when God’s spirit is being operated. Our physical circumstances do not depend on joy. Look at Paul and Silas singing and joyful in a prison in Acts. Look at Jesus joyfully healing Peter’s ear as the pharisees dragged him off to be judged. Look at a dozen different Joy Filled acts in unhappy circumstances. I told you all this to lead you to this question.

What if you had the best understanding of any industry expert on the subject of “yourself” and you had the happiest circumstances of anyone in the world, could you still be missing Joy? Yes. I tell you this because, I want you to have both. There will be many rewards handed out in heaven because of stewardship; physical, mental and spiritual stewardship. Let’s educate people on all those areas. Let’s not leave something out.

The first thing we need to do is test your personality. Here is a link to an industry expert on personalities. The basic personality test runs $12.95. I feel that it is one of the most concise and accurate test you can take on the market. (There are other free tests online) This is a D.I.S.C. personality test. And as the week progresses we will talk about the DISC test. While taking the test think of doing something you enjoy doing. It makes you think of a lot of things with the questions, but if you think of work you enjoy, or hobbies you enjoy. How would you prefer getting those things done?

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to go over one personality style per day for the next week. We’ll talk about the style briefly and how it relates to the Bible. We might find some prophets, apostles and heroes in the Bible who have a specific style. Let’s clear up one thing. One personality style is not better than another. They are just different. It will be much easier as we go through if you know what personality style you are.

@AngelTucker, the expert you’ll meet at the link above, tells a story about a man’s house burning down. We have to tell him his house is burning down and he isn’t looking our direction. Should we shout? What if we learned the man was deaf? Then what? We’d have to walk over and communicate in a new way. You’ll have to understand their communication style. Personalities have a communication style and need to be handled differently too. Does God handle that for us? Does He reach in and find us where we are and help us? You BET! Is it important for us to know who and how to handle it? As you’ll see in the coming week, our lives and happiness depends on it.


God Bless You Today!

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