039: We Should Rename Wednesdays to…



What do you think? It’s a way to think positive about the day at the middle of the week.

How are you doing on this Win-day?

Have you ever seen the movie Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium? I saw it the other night and heard this quote. The quote so moved me that now I have it written down somewhere that I can see it always.

Watch this!



37 Seconds well used is a life time! Why should we wait for life? Why not live it? Why not embrace every second to its fullest capacity! Why not make it the very best 37 seconds of our lives?

Some of you will say, “But how Terri?”

There are 37 Ways, but for now how about just 1.

Appreciate the moment you’re in!


Today is a day of possibilities!

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24

Here’s another quote from Mr. Magorium.

“Life is an occasion, rise to it!”

Today is your day to set the record books on fire. It’s a day to accomplish more than you ever hoped and dare to dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed. Go ahead, reach out and connect with someone. Be vulnerable, be genuine, be real! Guard your heart, but love without limits. How can you do that? Isn’t loving someone and guarding your heart the opposite thing? Not when you do it right.

People think that when they love, they must wear their heart on their sleeve. Instead, it’s as simple as this. Ask God, “If you were me, how would you show them love?”

The reason this is different is, you are loving them with God’s love, agape; not human emotional love. Of course, it’s very hard to tell the difference at first. SO here’s the difference. God fills you with His love for His people of that child of His standing in front of you. He shows you how to see the very best in them and their potential…things you could’ve never seen on your own. You fall in love with Him and His perspective about them. He will never fail you. They might, and probably will. But your heart was safe so it doesn’t break. God just keeps on loving them, so can you. And you love them for all the right reasons.

It’s truly a Win-day for me. How about you!?

God bless you today!


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