Welcome to Radio Supporting Godly Women!

Or Podcasting that is! I’m so excited to announce our first ever podcast. Click on the link below to listen now to one of our recent Supporting Godly Women Meetings. You’ll hear all kinds of feel-good and heart-felt talk.

Gift Woman-001

Podcast Episode #1: “Our Experiences are No Guarantee for Truth” by Terri Porta

Just think of how many times you’ve looked under the Christmas tree and tried to guess what was in those different sized boxes. Are you close to being right? God has so many great blessings for us to unwrap and enjoy in our lives but sometimes we don’t recognize them. Sometimes the adversary distracts us with experiences we could swear were God working in our lives. So how do we recognize them? How do we avoid being tricked? Kick back and click on the podcast below to start listening.

Approximately 1 hour. Please bear with the quality of recording, I didn’t have my hi-tech mics and studio there. It’s just us and the Word of God.

God Bless You Today!

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