What a Wonderful God We Have!

God is so good to us! Yes, He is good. Did you know that He has always been good? Even in the gritty Old Testament.

You may ask, “What about all the killings, famines and wars Terri?”

That was a terrible time, yes. But God did not change, I know because of one little figure of speech called the “Idiom of Permission”.

God's Best Crowd-001

I grew up believing that if I didn’t keep myself completely together and pure, I would get hit with the “Wrath of God.” I knew if I screwed up my life would become God’s personal batting practice. No really. I think at some point I even thought during some of the more rebellious moments, “If I’m going down, I might as well have fun doing it.”

But that isn’t God at all. And if you believe that you have learned and become acquainted with His counterfeit. The devil is always trying to counterfeit the one True God. And here’s how I know.

I found and article with much detail and clarity, much more than I would take the time to go into here. I recommend reading it twice and then bookmarking it in your browser so you can re-explain or re-visit the topic again and again.

God is Always Good

God bless you today!

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