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How Important is Sunday School?

Did you grow up going to Sunday School? I did. I distinctly remember many a Sunday morning, fighting with my parents about leaving early for Sunday School. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to get out of bed so early on a Sunday. That is until I started co-teaching it with my husband. He does most of the teaching these days, but I still go and boy do I get my mind blown every time. I was such a skeptic at first but, something has changed in me.


What changed?

Have you ever heard the words,

“It’s the times you want to go the least, that you need it the most,”?

I have faced those words with awe at their truth. You see, we are not in a spiritual warfare like so many believe, just some stiff competition. The warfare was done by Jesus Christ and won when God raised him from the dead. So now, the devil works very hard to get you not to grow and not to care about God anymore. He especially does not like you being exposed to the 5 basics for growth; which is study the word, fellowship with like-minded believers, speak the word, pray and give. If you were to do any of those, you would get stronger and end up kicking his butt! At Sunday School, you get the unique opportunity to do all of these. Of course, you will be tempted not to go. You should expect that temptation because of this verse.

“So then Faith (your believing) comes by hearing

and hearing by the Word of God” Romans 10:17

That word hearing is the Greek word “akoe”, it means your organ of hearing and to be heard. God’s Word just needs you to hear it it’s that powerful. So powerful it builds you faith. That word faith is the Greek word “pistis” which means your conviction, your believing that God and His Word are real and truthful. It builds your acceptance and reliance on it. Does anyone here need more of that? I know I do! I need to believe that God supplies all my need according to His riches in glory, I need to believe that by Jesus’s stripes I am healed of my infirmities, I need to believe and have confidence that when I ask anything according to His will, He hears me. I need to know, that I know, that I know that God wants me to have access to Him 24/7.

That’s what going to Sunday School and Church does for us. I had been jaded by church for so long and still, I hold myself carefully aside, not wanting to invest too heavily; but then one of the people at Sunday School prays for me, or hugs me, or says “God bless you kiddo”. I just know, in that instant that I’m part of a wonderful family. Yes, people will fail you. It’s not people we should have more faith in. Yes, someone is going to bring their drama into our church, but they are infected by the very thing God promises to heal. If we drop our faith, just because we are exposed to a little drama the devil cooked up, how are we any better? I urge you to give church another try. Reach out and shake a hand with one of the church leaders and ask them to pray for you. Remind them of the truth, and the truth is, you, like them, are there to hear the rightly divided Word of God, so you can have more faith.

God bless you today!

Feature Friday

I would like to introduce a new person every Friday. Someone noteworthy and doing work for God. If you know of someone who fits this criteria please email me or comment below. Today, I’d like to introduce you to a man named Patrick Klein. child photo 2

Patrick is the founder of an organization called Vision Beyond Borders. His organization is helping get the Word of God out into the world. I’d be blessed if you all checked out his website and his organization.

Click Here to Watch a Christian Broadcast Network Video

Please pray for this team and the people they reach. They are bringing the Word of God to the world under, sometimes, very difficult conditions. I have never done a feature like this before, but I’d like to start promoting people and work that I believe in.

Many of the countries these people go to, only have handwritten copies of the Bible and are passing that one copy among the believers. God sent His word to heal us but if no one has His Word what can they do? Patrick and his team are bringing Bibles and training them in the power of that healing.

Explore their site, get to know them. When you do, you’ll get as excited as I am. Link to this page on your social media by copying the address bar above and pasting it in your status. Thank you everyone!

God Bless You Today!