Hello! This page is dedicated to the study I did of Ephesians from August 2012 through February 2013. We took one verse per day, sometimes two if necessary and broke them down. Each verse in Ephesians is written directly to you and Ephesians is all about how to believe  and understand God’s Love. I talk extensively about the design of Ephesians and the reasons it sits like a diamond among the seven church epistles. There are about 140 blogs in the Ephesians series. If you would like a dynamic start to understanding this amazing epistle, click on them in the sequence listed below and we’ll journey through them together.

God Bless You Today,

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  1. Intro to Ephesians
  2. What Love in One Little Verse
  3. Who Gets to Taste Heaven?
  4. Do You Ever Feel…?
  5. Have You Ever Really Wanted Something?
  6. Who Decides? 
  7. I Didn’t Deserve It
  8. 20 of Your Super Hero Qualities
  9. What is the Mystery?
  10. Do You Want to Party?
  11. What is Your Inheritance?
  12. How Big is it to Trust Someone?
  13. How Does It Work?
  14. Heaven: Who Will You Talk to First?
  15. Do You Know Your Identity?
  16. What is the That There For?
  17. Snuggle Up with A Good Verse
  18. Creation Vs. Creativity You Decide
  19. Right Hand vs. Left hand
  20. Jesus Christ Rocks
  21. Oh Brother
  22. Why Some People Succeed Against All Odds
  23. What Drives You to Do What You Do?
  24. How Does It Work?
  25. Why Do You Do It That Way?
  26. Where Did We Come From? Where Are We Going?
  27. Are You Coming?
  28. What Kind is That?
  29. Amazing Check This Out!
  30. Is That Really God’s Will For You?
  31. Is The Bible Contradicting Itself?
  32. Which Group Are You In?
  33. How to Live BIG on God’s Promises
  34. How to have a new understanding of an old Procedure.
  35. How Would You Get Rid of a Grudge? 
  36. Leaders Heres Your Fighting Chance
  37. What is Leadership?
  38. The Pros and Cons of an Empty Church
  39. Now I’ve Gone Too Far
  40. Task vs. Goal; What Kind of Leaders are You?
  41. How Do You Get Undeniable Leadership
  42. Does the Temple of God have a Zip Code?
  43. 5 Keys to ReKindle You Motivation
  44. Wow, Have You Heard?
  45. Some Extra Encouragment
  46. It’s a Really Big Deal, But do You know Why?
  47. 3 Concepts You Should Know About Ephesians
  48. The Effective vs. The Effectual Christian
  49. What U-Turn Are You In?
  50. What Tools Are You Using to Reach People?
  51. Why Wait?
  52. 6 Tips to Refining Your Purpose
  53. What Happens When You Combine…?
  54. Faint Not!
  55. Who did He Bow to and Why?
  56. How to Have a Strong Inner Man
  57. How To: Walk Spiritually
  58. What Do You Need to Get?
  59. Fill Your Tank
  60. Functional Deliverance for the Everyday Christian
  61. What Are You Anticipating?
  62. Do You Know Your Calling From God?
  63. What is the First Thing?
  64. What Is Your Bond?
  65. How Does It Add Up?
  66. What Do You Believe?
  67. Is God Everyone’s Father?
  68. Did You Know, God Loves Baking?
  69. A Leadership Key Everyone Should Know
  70. What Was Jesus Doing?

Here are the first 70 posts. I will continue to work on this list everyday until I have them all down.  Have fun, I know I have loved the review. God bless!


5 Basics for Growth Workbook

The High-Octane Christian Series Part 1

By Terri Porta

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