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How to Enjoy the Bible – by E.W. Bullinger

“Introduction~ A revelation in writing must necessarily be given in ‘words.’ The separate words, therefore, in which it is given must have the same importance and authority as the revelation as a whole. If we accept the Bible as a revelation from God, and receive it as inspired by God, we cannot separate the words of which that inspired revelation is made up, or admit the assertion ‘that the Bible contains the Word of God, but is not the Word of God.’ The position conveyed by such an expression is both illogical and impossible.

As we design this work for those who accept the Scriptures as the Word of God, we do not propose to offer any arguments in proof of its inspiration.

The Bible is its own best proof of its inspiration. It claims to be ‘the Word of God;’ and if it be not what it claims to be, then it is not only not a ‘good book,’ but is unworthy of our further attention.

We cannot understand the position of those who assert and believe that many of its parts are myths and forgeries, while at the same time they continue to write commentaries upon it, and accept their emoluments and dignities for preaching or lecturing about it.

If we were told and believed that bank-not in our possession is a forgery, we certainly should take no further interest in it, beyond mourning the loss which we had sustained. Our action would thus be consistent with our belief.

WE write, therefore, for those who, receiving that the claims of the Scriptures as being the Word of God, desire to study it so as to understand it and enjoy it.

When this claim is admitted, and a course of study is undertaken in this spirit, we shall be at once overwhelmed with proofs as to its truth; and on almost every page find abundant confirmations of our faith.

The Bible simply claims to be the Word of God. It does not attempt to establish its claim, or seek to prove it. It merely assumes it and asserts it. It is for us to believe it or leave it.

Hence we do not now attempt to prove or establish that claim; but, believing it, our aim is to seek to understand what God has thus written for our learning.

Nor do we attempt to explain the phenomena connected with Inspiration. We have no theories to offer or suggestions to make, respecting it.

We have the Divine explanation in Acts 3:18, where we read:

Those things which God before had showed by the mouth of all his prophets…he hath so fulfilled.

The particular ‘things’ referred to here are ‘that Christ should suffer;’ but the assertion is comprehensive and includes all other things ‘showed’ by God.

Note, that it was God who, before, had showed them. It was the same God who had fulfilled them.”

I got so thrilled when I read this quote from E.W. Bullinger’s book How to Enjoy the Bible. I’ve only just started reading it and can’t wait for the rest!


“God’s Word speaks louder for itself,

than anyone else can speak for it.”



I’d Rather be Ashes than Dust

“I would rather be ashes than dust!

I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot.

I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.

The function of man is to live, not to exist.

I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.

I shall use my time.”

Jack London


The Bridge Builder

An old man, going a lone highway,

Came at evening, cold and gray

To a chasm, vast and deep and wide,

Through which was flowing a sullen tide.

The old man crossed in the twilight dim;

The sullen stream had no fears for him;

But he turned when safe on the other side

And built a bridge to span the tide.

“Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near,

“You are wasting strength with building here;

Your journey will end with the ending day;

You never again must pass this way;

You have crossed the chasm, deep and wide—

Why build you the bridge at the eventide?”

The builder lifted his old gray head:

“Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said,

“There followeth after me today

A youth whose feet must pass this way.

This chasm that has been naught to me

To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be.

He, too, must cross in the twilight dim;

Good friend, I am building the bridge for him.”

—Will Allen Dromgoole

The Parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant

It was six men of Indostan to learning much inclined,
Who went to see the Elephant though all of them were blind,
That each by observationmight satisfy his mind.
The First approached the Elephant
and happening to fall
Against his broad and sturdy side,
At once began to bawl,
“God bless me, but the Elephant
Is very like a wall!”
The Second, feeling the tusk,
Cried, “Ho! what have we here?
So very round and smooth and sharp?
To me ’tis very clear
This wonder of an Elephant
Is very like a spear!”
The Third approached the animal
And, happening to take
The squirming trunk with in his hands,
This boldly up he spake:
“I see,” said he, “
The elephant is very like a snake!”
The Fourth reached out an eager hand,
And felt about the knee;
“What most the wondrous beast is like
Is very plain, ” said he;
“Tis clear enough the Elephant
Is very like a tree!”
The Fifth, who chanced to touch the ear,
Said, “Even the blindest man can boast
what this resembles most;
Deny the fact who can;
This marvel of an elephant
Is very like a fan!”
The sixth no sooner had begun
About the beast to grope,
Than, seizing on the swinging tail,
That fell within his scope,
“I see,” said he, “the Elephant
Is very like a rope!”
And so these men of Indostan
Disputed loud and long,
Each in his own opinion
Exceeding stiff and strong.
Though each was partly in the right,
They all were in the wrong!
—-John Godfrey Saxe—-

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