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Order a CD version of “How to Get Your Prayers Answered” for $5.99 by emailing me at, or download it for free by clicking on the link below. The date of this session is 7/22/2011. Two handouts are included with the class for free. Click here to sign in to our Supporting Godly Women yahoo group then click on files. Two files are there for this class called;

  1. How to Get Your Prayers Answered Class Verses List.pdf
  2. How to Get Your Prayers Answered1.pdf.

Feel free to download them for your bible study groups or women’s meetings.

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Also Available;

5 basics Cover

“5 Basics for Growth”

The High-Octane Christian Series

$9.99+ shipping

Email for your copy today;

Part 1 of the series in High-Octane Christian Living is a foundational start on 5 simple steps for your Spiritual growth. Among the derth of Christian doctrinal literature this is a small, easy to digest workbook that simplifies and expounds in 90 pages how to live a fuller more abundant walk with God.

Dynamic Growth is Here! With these 5 simple steps you’ll grow towards peace, joy, and solid results. The 5 Basics For Growth is a power-packed, joy rocket! This comprehensive, biblical-based workbook teaches building blocks towards zeal and removing the sand from the engine of life. Revitalize your life! Obtain a new joyful perspective of God and His Word! Energize your daily walk with Him today! Refuel your enthusiasm for life with Part 1 of Terri Porta’s High-Octane Christian Series, the 5 Basics for Growth

Ernie G

“Just finished the High Octane book, it’s the real deal. Such peace!”

Sharon G.

“Wow, have gotten through the first half and so far it is really good.”


SGW Meeting invite

Supporting Godly Women meets every week in Billings Montana. The seminars and teachings are recorded and we have quite a few to offer in CD only versions. If you would like to order one of our seminars listed below, use the order form linked here: SGW Seminars CD Order Form PDF. Send it to the mailing address at the bottom of the order form. Also: please add 8%  to your total for shipping. Thank you!

Here are the topics available so far:

  1. How to Stay Motivated
  2. Walking is the Key
  3. What Applies to Us in the Bible?
  4. Life After Death
  5. Does Your Marriage/Relationship Renew Your Strength?
  6. The Rightly Divided Word of God
  7. God Can Only Give What You’re Capable of Receiving



CD of Seminar


If you would like to join in each week, contact me through my Facebook page. We meet online/virtually as well as in person. Don’t miss another chance to see what all the fuss is about. Join in today!

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