It is always refreshing to talk with someone who really walks by the Spirit of God. As a woman of God, Terri is a continual encouragement and inspiration to me. Her words of wisdom and truth bear much fruit, and have truly blessed my life. I am glad to call Terri my friend.

Allie Harrison~ May 2011

It is hard for me to let go of some of my beliefs as it causes discomfort. However it is only through this that a person can truly grow. The cognitive dissonance, or discomfort I feel will remain until I either change my beliefs, or affirm within myself my own beliefs. Either way I will grow, but without you, (Terri) and God’s help, I would have remained the same. Thank you and I am excited every day for this journey we have started together. Great meeting tonight. See you next week

Teresa Millsap ~ May 2011

Terri’s enthusiasm in speaking and energy is contagious! She sets the example in having a full, abundant relationship with the Lord and having an all round healthy lifestyle. Her biblical teaching and weight loss education is inspiring. ~Jackie Hagemeister~ February 2011

Never a dull moment around Terri, she is great fun and has poignant teaching skills. I can’t get enough after hearing her speak.

Stephanie T. ~ February 2011

Terri has so much to offer through her support group and blog, great stuff!

~Sheri~ February 2011

I’ve heard her speak, seen her writing and loved everything she’s got out there. Keep it coming!

~John S.~ February 2011

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